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Breed Breakdown – Appaloosa

DISTINGUISHING TRAITS: The distinctive characteristics of Appaloosas are the mottled or spotted skin and coat, a visibly white sclera (the area surrounding the iris of the eye) when the eye is in normal position and vertical stripes in the hooves. Typically they are between 1.47m and 1.57m (14.2 and 15.2 hh) with a strong muscular body type. The coat pattern and colour can vary greatly and they usually have a sparse mane and tail.

TEMPERAMENT: Appaloosas are generally a pleasure to work with as they have a gentle, docile and willing to please nature.

AVERAGE LIFE SPAN: 25-30 years

MAINTENANCE: Appaloosas generally do not require any special attention except for sun protection on their pink skin under the white markings. They may require sunscreen to be applied to their noses and a rug and flyveil will help protect their body from sunburn. They are generally good doers on a standard diet but if they are stabled they should be exercised daily.

SUITS: Suitable for almost anyone from beginners to advanced riders. They are suited to a wide range of uses including dressage, western, pleasure, jumping and stock work.

INTERESTING FACT: Appaloosas coats are unique, no two are the same.


Originally published in My Pet Magazine Spring 2014

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