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Breed Breakdown – Arabian

A beautiful Arabian Horse

Very defined facial features, wedge shaped head and concave/dished shape profile. A broad forehead, large eyes, often with a bulge in the forehead between the eyes. An arch shaped neck, fine mane and the tail is held in a high carriage position. Smaller sized horse usually between 14.1 hands to 15.1 hands.

TEMPERAMENT: Considered a “hot blooded” horse they are a highly spirited breed, very alert and sensitive, sometimes making them a flighty horse. Arabs are intelligent horses and can learn quickly, also meaning the can learn bad habits easily. They need to be handled with respect by a competent person.

AVERAGE LIFE SPAN: 25-30 years

USES: Arabs are built for speed and stamina making them the ideal choice for endurance and cross country events however they are suitable to most forms of riding. They are often seen in shows, circuses, movies and parades, most likely because of their beauty and grace.

INTERESTING FACT: Arabian horses originated in the deserts of Arabia and are one of the oldest human-developed breeds. Being that they had to survive in harsh desert conditions on very little food and water, only the strong would survive, therefore the breed developed to be very strong, resilient and tough. Many breeds have been cross bred with Arabians to create the ideal horse for various circumstance with almost every breed of riding horse having Arabian ancestors.

Originally published in My Pet Magazine Issue 18, Autumn/Winter 2019.
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