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Breed Breakdown – Clydesdale

APPEARANCE: Clydesdales are a heavy draught horse with large broad head, small ears and arched neck. They have a heavy bone structure and are typically between 1.63m-1.83m tall (16 – 18 hh) and weigh between 800 – 910 kg. Typically their coat is solid coloured, bay, brown, black or chestnut with white markings on the face, legs and underbelly. The lower legs have feathering (long soft hair) that hangs over the top of their black and white striped hooves.

TEMPERAMENT: Intelligent and alert, but generally calm, gentle and willing to please.

AVERAGE LIFE SPAN: 25-30 years

CARE: Generally easy to care for with a good diet, room to move and regular grooming. They can be prone to various itchy skin conditions and will rub their tail and mane. They can also suffer from sunburn in areas of white hair.

USES: Clydesdales have many uses including pulling carts, carriages and ploughs. They make lovely pets and show horses but can also be ridden for pleasure riding, trail riding and jumping.

INTERESTING FACTS: Clydesdales originated in Scotland over 300 years ago. They have been used during Wars and are known as the “horse that built Australia” due to their extensive work in construction projects, farming and cart work. In the 1970’s they were considered vulnerable to extinction although population numbers have now risen.


Originally published in My Pet Magazine Winter 2015.

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