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Breed Breakdown – Dartmoor Pony

APPEARANCE: Good looking, small, muscular pony. Solid colour of ay, brown, black, grey or chestnut with excessive white markings not permitted. Small head, large eyes, small alert ears and a thick full mane and tail. From 11.1hh to 12.2hh, with breed standard not allowing them to be taller than 12.22hh.

TEMPERAMENT: Good temperament, gentle, calm, sensible and kind.

AVERAGE LIFE SPAN: Long life expectancy and often live to over 30 years.

CARE: Generally hardy and good doers. Like all ponies you need to make sure they don’t get too fat. Their thick coats, manes and tails will require regular brushing, especially when losing their winter coats

USES: Suitable for children and adults. Great for everyday riding, trail riding, dressage, jumping, cross country, showing and carriage driving.

INTERESTING FACT: Dartmoors have played an important role in history dating back to the medieval times when they were used to carry heavy loads. Post World War II Dartmoor numbers started to decline. The Dartmoor Pony has been granted Rare Breed status and In 1988 the Dartmoor Pony Moorland Scheme (DPMS) was established to improve the bloodlines and boost their population.

Originally published in My Pet Magazine Issue 13.
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