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Breed Breakdown – Devon Rex

BREED:  Devon Rex

APPEARANCE:  Fine boned, small to medium cats, very short, curly coat almost looks ripply or crinkly, large wide ears.  Can come in almost any coat colour or pattern.

TEMPERAMENT: Intelligent, highly energetic, playful, active, prefers company either human or animal.

AVERAGE LIFE SPAN: 12-15 years

MAINTENANCE:  Low maintenance although active.  Their coats only shed a little, but their large ears do need regular cleaning.

SUITS:  Suited more as an indoor cat as they don’t like the cold.  Prefer a household where someone is home the majority of the time or they have another cat for company. They are generally ok around children.

INTERESTING FACT:  The Devon Rex emerged in England during the 1960’s.  Their unusual coat is caused by a gene mutation.   

Originally published in My Pet Magazine Winter 2014.

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