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Breed Breakdown – French Bulldog

A French Bulldog enjoying the outdoors.

APPEARANCE: French Bulldogs are small, short, stocky and muscular generally with soft loose skin. Their short, shiny, smooth coat comes in a wide range of colours most commonly brindle, fawn or cream. They have a large square head with lots of wrinkles, a short nose and with varying degrees of an undershot jaw and ears are stand upright with a curved point.

TEMPERAMENT: Even tempered, intelligent, good natured, fun, affectionate and love attention. They make good watch dogs and will be cautious of or bark at unfamiliar people.


MAINTENANCE: Low maintenance, minimal shedding and only require a small amount of exercise like a short walk daily. Generally French Bulldogs are not strong swimmers so they should be watched around pools and water.

SUITS: Well suited to most living situations with their small size making them ideal for apartment living. They are companion dog’s who do like company preferring not to be left alone for too long. They are good with children and ideal for families.

INTERESTING FACT: The French Bulldog originated in England by breeding bulldogs to create a miniature version. They then accompanied English lace makers to France where they were of use as excellent rat hunters and of course companions.

Originally published in My Pet Magazine Summer 2018/19.

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