Calf Scours

My calf is scouring. What do you have that I can give him?

Electrolyte replacement can help in treating the symptoms of diarrhoea (scours) and we sell several different supportive products of this nature which can be found in our Scour Treatments section. In many situations supportive care through electrolyte replacement can be sufficient during which time the diarrhoea may self-resolve.

However, the problem is that diarrhoea has a number of different causes including parasitic, viral and bacterial, each with their own specific treatment requirements. If the diarrhoea is persistant or appears to be spreading in a herd situation a diagnosis from your veterinarian should be sought immediately. Acute diarrhoea can kill a young animal within 24-48 hours.

Scourban is a popular product for treating bacterial diarrhoea and coccidiosis. However this is an S4 Prescription Animal Remedy and as such can only be supplied to you by the veterinarian you use to treat your animal. We are unable to supply prescription animal products.

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