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What if My Cat Licks Their Flea or Tick Treatment?

There are no direct toxic effects from a cat licking their topical flea or tick medication. If cats lick the medication they generally do not like the taste. This then causes a drooling response that may last up to ten minutes. Occasionally tongue irritation can occur from the medication. If your cat does appear to be unwell or symptoms persist please contact your veterinarian.

It is important to apply the medication high enough on the neck to prevent licking, as per the product instructions. If you have more than one cat, separating them until the medication dries will prevent them from licking it off while grooming each other.

If a cat licks a dog’s flea or tick medication, it can be toxic and veterinary assistance should be sought immediately.

For more information about on the vetnpetDIRECT YouTube Channel with veterinarian Dr Glenn.

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