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What is Catnip?

What is Catnip? And will my cat like it?

Catnip, botanical name Nepata Cataria, is a herb from the mint family. The active ingredient in catnip is an essential oil which is known to alter the behaviour of cats. Catnip is a stimulant and the catnip reaction is often referred to as a “high”. Cats are affected by it by sniffing, licking, chewing, rubbing and rolling in it. Other reactions can include drooling, jumping, biting, aggression and hyperactivity. The effects tend to last for 5-10 minutes.

Not all cats are attracted to or affected by catnip, particularly kittens under six months of age and older cats.

Catnip is found in a number of toys which helps the cat respond and play with the toy. You can also purchase catnip, in its dried form, which can be sprinkled around to stimulate your cat.

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Originally published in MyPet Magazine Issue 19.
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