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Whisker Facts

Cat’s whiskers aren’t just there to enhance a cat’s look, they are actually a very important sensory tool. Listed below are some interesting facts about cats whiskers;

  • Cats typically have 12 whiskers on each side of the muzzle, as well as whiskers above the eyes and on the back of the forelegs.
  • Whiskers are long, stiff, highly sensitive tactile hairs.
  • Each whisker end is loaded with sensory organs called proprioceptors which send signals back to the brain/nervous system.
  • Whiskers are very useful in the dark.
  • They are used for direction and location.
  • They help determine the size and texture of objects.
  • They help cats determine if they can fit through a tight space.
  • Whiskers help cats be aware of their surroundings by detecting changes in air current.
  • Help sense approaching danger and/or prey.
  • Whiskers continuously grow, fallout and are then replaced by new ones.
  • How a cat’s whiskers sit can help you determine their mood. If they are taut, bunched up and/or pulled across their face it indicate they are feeling threatened. When whiskers are relaxed and pointing away from the face it means they are happy. When they are startled or excited a cat’s whiskers will point forward.
  • NEVER trim or cut your cat’s whiskers as it can make the cat disorientated and/or frightened.
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