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Why Is My Fish Floating?

My fish seems to always be floating to the top of the tank, why? And how can I fix it?

It is common to at some point see one of your fish floating, but still alive. The cause of floating is due to a problem with the swim bladder. Usually the floating will correct itself within a few days, however sometimes it is a persistent problem and can be nearly impossible to correct.

Common causes of swim bladder problems include;

  • Intake of excessive air
  • Build up of gas in the swim bladder
  • Physical damage
  • Accumulation of fluid in the swim bladder – sometimes cause by a bacterial infection
  • Incorrect internal growth or a tumour

Remedies that may help rectify the problem include;

  • Slightly raising the temperature of the water, to no more than 24 Degrees Celsius
  • Starvation / not feeding the fish for a few days
  • Try an antibiotic treatment incase there is a bacterial cause.

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If the problem persists please speak to your veterinarian.

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