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Autumn Pet Care

Autumn is sometimes the “forgotten” season when it comes to pet care. In Australia the weather is becoming milder, which leads to people forgetting about a lot of necessities in pet care as the seasons change. Here are a few pet care tips to keep in mind this Autumn to keep your four-legged friends happy and healthy all year round.

Flea Treatments – It is important to stick to your flea prevention program all year round as continual compliance is the only way to prevent a flea outbreak.

Tick Control – Adult ticks are often still prevalent in some areas of Australia until late Autumn. If you live in a tick area you need to be aware of this and continue with tick prevention and daily checks of your pet.

Chocolate – Easter means there is generally a lot more chocolate around. Be sure to keep chocolate out of reach of your dog as it is highly toxic for them to ingest and can be fatal. We have a Youtube video which discusses why chocolate is bad for dogs.

Household Dangers – Keep in mind that there are a number of household dangers which can lead to serious injury or death.

Joint Health & Arthritis – Winter or when the weather starts turn cold is predominantly when we see an increase in joint pain and arthritis symptoms. Most joint health supplements take a minimum of three weeks to start to show effectiveness but often with their full effectiveness not being reached until they have been used for at least 4-6 weeks. This is why it is important that pets are started on their  and treatments in Autumn to help reduce the pain and symptoms seen in the cooler winter months.

Remember to always contact your vet if you ever have any concerns about your pets health as prevention and early treatment is always best.

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