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Types of Bark Control Collars

A barking dog can be very frustrating for both the owners and others in the neighbourhood. If you are looking for a solution to a barking dog you may be considering a Barking Collar. Before you do use an anti-barking collar please consider some Force Free Methods for Reducing Unwanted or Nuisance Barking in Dogs. Anti-Barking collars are often just a ‘quick fix” and don’t address the underlying reason a dog is barking. Read our article on The Problems with Anti-Barking Collars before making a decision on purchasing a barking collar for your dog. 

If you do need to get a bark control collar there are three types to choose from, Spray Collars, Static Correction (shock) Collars and Ultrasonic Sound Collars. Before selecting a collar you should understand how they work so you can choose one that you think will be most appropriate for you and your dog.

How Bark Control Collars Work

Bark Control Collars sense when a dog is barking through sound and/or vibration sensors and they then give a negative correction, like a spray, shock or sound. After a few days of use the dog should begin to realise that when they bark something unpleasant happens, ie. the negative correction. This negative correction should then be enough to deter the dog from barking and over time solve the problem. It is important to remember that not all collars will work in deterring all dogs from barking. Some dogs are much more persistent or strong willed and are not affected or concerned by the negative correction and therefore it may not make them stop barking.

Spray Collars

Spray Collars work when the dog barks the collar releases a spray in front of the dogs snout. The spray may be citronella scented, odourless or mustard refills are available. The smell, feeling, scent and noise of the spray all work together to deter the barking.

Static Correction Collars

Static Correction Collars work by emitting a small static shock when the dog barks. The shock is transmitted through probes that are in contact with dogs skin. The shock is not meant to be harmful or painful to the dog just more annoying than anything. Most of the static correction collars come with different strength setting levels so that the collar can be altered to suit your dogs needs.

Ultrasonic Sound Collars

Ultrasonic Sound Collars work by sending out a high pitched ultrasonic sound when the dog barks. The sound will not hurt the dog or damage their hearing or ear drum. The sound cannot be heard by humans but can be very irritating to dogs.

Other things to consider

When selecting a collar make sure that it is suitable for the size dog you are purchasing it for, as explained in the product information. Please be advised that all Bark Control Dog Collars have been designed to be used in a specific way according to the manufacturer’s directions. Please ensure that when using the devices you read all instructions and information thoroughly and always comply with the recommendations.

Throughout Australia there a different laws in each State or Territory governing the use of bark control collars. Prior to purchasing any bark control collar please read the information article Electronic Dog Collars and The Law in Australia to determine what collars are legal to use in your State or Territory, or contact your local council.

For further information on why dogs bark and other options to stop excessive barking please read the information article Barking Dogs in our help centre.

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