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Breed Breakdown – Cavoodle

Adorable happy Cavoodle dog

Although they are a crossbreed, the Cavoodle’s popularity continues to grow, so what makes them such a popular dog?

APPEARANCE: Generally a small dog ranging between 5-12kg, depending on the parents. Their long coat can be wavy or straight, in gold, tan, cream, black or brown, with or without white markings. Being a crossbred their appearance can vary greatly across the breed.

TEMPERAMENT: Gentle, affectionate and loving. They are intelligent and full of energy.

AVERAGE LIFE SPAN: 10-14 years.

MAINTENANCE: Grooming wise they are low maintenance, with little to no hair being shed, they only need a weekly brush Many owners do have them clipped on a regular basis. They are energetic and require daily exercise, training and enrichment to keep their intelligent minds busy.

SUITS: They like company so prefer someone that has time to spend with them. They make a great family dog and are good with children. They are also suited to apartment living.

WHY SO POPULAR? There are a couple of reasons Cavoodles have become so popular in recent times. Their beautiful loving nature and that they are social with both humans and other dog’s making them a great companion. But a very enticing factor is that being crossed with a Poodle means they generally don’t shed. This makes them perfect for people with allergies as well as making them low maintenance and a perfect indoor dog.

Originally published in My Pet Magazine Issue 24, Autumn/Winter 2022.
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