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Breed Breakdown – Puli

APPEARANCE: A medium-sized breed with a distinctive corded coat, forming tight dreadlocks. The most common colours are solid black, followed by shades of grey and white.

TEMPERAMENT: Puli’s are Intelligent and energetic. Loyal and affectionate towards their families with strong protective instincts, making them good guard dog’s.

LIFE SPAN: 12-15 years.

MAINTENANCE: Their corded coat requires regular attention to prevent matting. Regular bathing and separating the cords by hand is necessary. They need regular exercise and stimulation to entertain their active and intelligent nature.

SUITS: Puli’s need owners that have time to dedicate to their grooming, training and exercise needs.

INTERESTING FACTS: Puli’s were an ancient Hungarian herding dog. Their coat is an adaptation which provided them with protection from harsh weather conditions and bites from other animals.

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