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Flea Treatment For Bitch and Puppies

What flea products can I use on my lactating bitch with puppies?

I would recommend using Advantage for Dogs on you bitch as it is safe to use on lactating and pregnant bitches. By treating the mother the unweaned puppies will become protected from fleas as the product disperses over the mothers coat as well as the puppies when they nestle up to her and feed.

Advantage is safe to use on puppies from 6 weeks of age. So after the puppies have been weaned you could use Advantage for Dogs and Puppies Under 4kg or a different weight range if required.

Bravecto Spot-On and Frontline Plus are safe to use pregnant and lactating bitches for flea and/or tick treatment but they will not provide the puppies with protection like Advantage does. When using these products you should keep keep the puppies separated until the spot-on is dry to ensure the puppies don’t groom it off the mum.

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