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Flea Treatment for Swimming Dog

My dog swims all the time, are there any flea and tick treatments that will work for him even though he is always getting wet?

There are a number of products available that are waterfast and will work to protect dog against fleas and ticks even if they are regular swimmers or having regular baths. They are available in a variety of different delivery options including spot-ons, collars, tablets and chewables.

The most important thing to keep in mind when using any product is to follow the instructions exactly as listed. Some spot-on treatments require the dog to not get wet or be bathed for a period of time before or after applying the product. Some collars need to be removed for swimming or bathing and then may require some time before they become effective again after the animal has it off. Even with chewables and tablets always read and follow the directions.

Each product has different requirements and if followed the efficacy of the product will not be decreased if the dog swims or gets bathed. Always ensure that you are applying the product correctly and re-dosing at the correct interval for what you are treating (ie. monthly, fortnightly).

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