How can I stop my dog from digging holes all over the garden and lawn?

As frustrating as digging is it is important to remember that it is a natural instinctive behaviour for dogs. They don’t do it just to be destructive, therefore it is important to not punish them instead try and determine why they are digging. Dogs usually dig to either escape, as a form of play, to bury and hide things or because they are bored.

The following tips might help to stop your dog from digging:

  • Exercise – taking your dog for a walk everyday (or twice a day) is necessary to burn of energy and stimulate their mind and body.
  • Company – some dog’s need company either from another dog/pet or human.
    Distraction – distract your dog with various “toys“. Try treat toys and boredom relief toys to supply stimulation. Change the toys you give them every few days to keep them interested.
  • Shelter – some dog’s will dig to lie in the cool dirt so be sure to provide your dog with a kennel or adequate shelter to keep them cool.
  • Acceptable digging area – allocate an area in the yard that you are happy for your dog to dig in. This may take some repetitive training to teach them that they are allowed to dig there and nowhere else.

If these steps do not help I suggest seeking advice from a veterinary behavioural specialist.

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