My chickens, horse and dogs all have lice. Is there something I can use to treat them all?

Maldison 50 Insecticide is a very good product to treat animals for lice. You can use this on dogs, horses and poultry as well as cats, cattle and pigs.

Maldison 50 Insecticide will control parasites like lice, mosquitoes, poultry mites, fowl tick, dog fleas, brown dog tick and sarcoptic mange. It is an insecticide, that you mix with water and then spray onto the animals. Dilutions will vary dependant on the animal being treated, but all instructions come with the product. You can also use it to spray areas where parasites might be, like kennels, bedding, nesting boxes or under houses.

Another product you could use is Pestene Insect Powder. It is effective in the control of lice, mites and fleas in poultry, dogs, horses, cats, calves and goats. It is a powder that you sprinkle onto the animals coats, bedding and environment on a weekly basis.

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