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Shampoo For Hotspots

My dog has got a hot spot on him. My golden retriever used to get them often, and I got rid of them with a fantastic shampoo and conditioner. I ring up vet’s but all they ask me to do is bring my dog in to have him checked. All I want to know is how much the shampoo and conditioner is. My golden retriever was never put on antibiotics at all.

Malaseb is the shampoo you need and just give the hot spot a good scrub. Leave on for 10 mins then rinse. Also, Make sure your dog does not have access to it. Pyohex Lotion (made by the same company that make Malaseb). You can apply this lotion to the hot spot every day for prolonged antibacterial effect. So shampoo every 3rd day with Malaseb as directed on the bottle and then once you have rinsed off apply the Pyohex lotion to the hot spot. Then on the days you don’t shampoo, just apply the Pyohex lotion.

Also make sure your flea control is 100% effective because flea allergy dermatitis (which can be triggered by a single flea) often causes hot spots. A long term omega oil supplement in your dogs diet can also help prevent flare-ups.

You may also need an elizabethan collar to stop him licking it and it is always a good idea to trim the hair around the edges if you have clippers as this can add to the irritation and infection.

If you don’t see a response to the shampoo or if you are concerned about the hot spot in any way then your vet is certainly the best place to take your dog. Our advice is only of a general nature and should not be used in place of a proper veterinary examination.

For more information on Hotspots please read our article on Hotspots.

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