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Pulling Out Feathers

Why has my bird starting pulling out it’s feathers?

Unfortunately there is no easy answer to this question as there are a number of reasons why birds start pulling out their feathers. These reasons include poor diet, stress, boredom, psychological problems and changes to their environment. I suggest watching you bird and assessing any situations that may have occurred recently that might have stressed the bird. This may help you determine the trigger to the feather plucking.

The most common causes of feather plucking are diet and boredom. If the birds diet is deficient in vitamins, minerals or calcium that can cause them to pluck. Perhaps look at introducing some supplements to the diet or gradually changing their feed to a more complete diet. You can eliminate boredom as a cause by introducing new toys, changing the cage location and engaging more with your bird.

It is important to try and break the feather plucking habit as soon as possible as if it continues it might become a habit and very hard to get under control.

If you have no luck in stopping the feather plucking I recommend speaking to your veterinarian.

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