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How To Use A Crop Needle

How do I use a crop needle to feed my bird?

We do recommend that if you have not used a crop needle before and/or are not very familiar with handling birds that you seek advice from your veterinarian and have them show you first hand how to use it.

Here are some videos from our friends at Vetafarm that show how to use and explain the crop needle process.


1. Hold the bird as shown, with the tip of your thumb under the bottom bill. The bird should be comfortably restrained, do not use excess force. For large birds a towel around the bird’s body will aid restraint.

2. Allow the bird to bite the needle ball, then gently roll the ball over the tongue into the back of the mouth. Align the needle with your thumb.

3. Using a to-and-fro twirling motion gently pass the needle into the crop. The ball of the needle will be felt along your thumb as it moves into the crop.

4. Administer solution from attached syringe. Remove crop needle gently.

NOTE: Know the recommended volume to give by crop needle before administration.

If you do have any questions or concerns or are not confident in the use of the crop needle please seek help from your veterinarian.

For advice on selecting the correct sized crop needle visit our Help Centre Article “Crop Needle Selection“.

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