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Water Safety Tips For Your Dog

Swimming your dogs is a great way for them to cool down on a hot summer day but it is also great exercise and not to mention a lot of fun. The following are some tips to make swimming with your pooch as fun and safe as possible.

  • Practise first – make sure you practise swimming, in shallow water to ensure your dog can competently swim.
  • ​Make sure they are trained and understand commands, particularly stop and come so they can say safe.
  • ​Always supervise your dog.
  • Know the water conditions of where you are swimming.
  • Don’t let them go out to far from shore or too far away from you.
  • Put your dog in a floatation device like an EzyDog Dog Floatation Device to provide extra safety by keeping your dog buoyant.
  • Apply sunscreen, especially to thin coated and light coloured skin dogs.
  • Try and keep your dogs from drinking the water they are swimming in as it might make them sick.
  • Offer plenty of fresh water to drink.
  • Rinse or wash them after swimming to remove any salt, minerals or debri.
  • Know the signs and symptoms of heat stroke just in case your dog falls victim while out for a swim.


Originally published in My Pet Magazine Summer 2014-2015
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