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Breed Breakdown – Maine Coon

The gentle giant.

APPEARANCE: The largest domestic cat in the world, typically weighing between 4 and 8kg. Solid, muscular build with a broad chest, tall and rectangular shaped body. Come in a range of coat colours but the most common is brown tabby. A medium to long haired, soft, shaggy coat that is shorter on head and shoulders, longer on stomach and upper hind legs, with some having a lion-like mane. A long heavily furred tapered at the end tail. Large pointed hairy ears and large eyes

TEMPERAMENT: Gentle, sweet, affectionate, playful and friendly. Generally well suited to families as they like human company and are good with children. Also tend to be good with other pets.


MAINTENANCE: Fairly low maintenance as they are usually robust and healthy cats. Can become overweight so food intake needs to be monitored. Moderate shedders and will require at least a weekly brush.

INTERESTING FACT: They communicate with a cute chirping sound rather than a meow.


Originally published in My Pet Magazine Issue 15, Autumn/Winter 2018.
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